The first seamlessly integrated
pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) solution.

Comprising a novel single-step library preparation method for next-generation sequencing of embryo biopsies and fully automated cloud-based analysis of sequencing results, ⓖSEQ is the first PGS product to provide a truly integrated process from sample to accurate, detailed, and comprehensive results.
Ultra-high throughput.
Ultra-low prep time.

ⓖSEQ allows doctors and clinicians to spend less time on setting up experiments and more time analyzing the results. Each run allows the simultaneous sequencing of up to 48 multiplexed samples, prepared using a single-step protocol which eliminates the need for many of the time-consuming steps required in traditional protocols.

Serious analysis.
For a serious matter.

We understand that the decision to have a child via IVF is no small matter --- and that it’s important to have as much information as possible about possible outcomes. That’s why we’ve designed ⓖSEQ analyses to operate in the cloud, where powerful cloud computing resources can be leveraged to implement cutting-edge statistical methods and machine-learning techniques to identify not only whole-chromosome abnormalities, but also a variety of chromosomal disorders that are traditionally notoriously difficult to detect.

One step. One click.
One hour.

ⓖSEQ seamlessly integrates the experimental and the computational, making PGS easier and faster than ever before, eliminating any need for manual intervention after sample preparation by performing real-time uploading and analysis of raw sequence data. By completing analyses and providing automatic email notifications thereof — no more than one hour after the completion of sequencing — time-critical experiments are made easier.

Everywhere. All the time.

The results of any ⓖSEQ experiment are safely stored on secure and redundantly backed-up servers in the cloud, meaning that you have access to all of it, all the time, anywhere.

The more, the better.

ⓖSEQ is able to reliably identify germline mosaicism, segmental aneuploidies, unbalanced translocations, polyploidy, and whole-chromosome abnormalities. It provides the most detailed and comprehensive reports in the industry and empowers those using IVF to make the most informed decision possible.

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